About Us

The www.bungalows.lk web portal is owned and operated by Holiday Partners LK (Private) Limited, a company registered in Sri Lanka. The www.bungalows.lk web portal is aimed at and dedicated to offer Bungalows within Sri Lanka on an online platform.

At present our partners are categorized into four segments, i.e.: Beach, Up Country, Eco & Nature and Inland. On going, we will strive to include high quality and sought after bungalow partners in to our network.

Having been in operation for over 4 years, www.bungalows.lk  has been re launched with a new look and feature rich online portal for customers enjoy a hassle free bungalow reservation platform.  

Key functional amendments made in the new look portal are:

  • Customers now can send a request for reservation prior to proceeding with a bungalow booking to ensure confirmation of the bungalow availability. In the past due to certain limitations faced by bungalow partners, there were issues with regard overlapping bookings and issues of refunds etc which caused inconveniences to our customers
  • With regard to credit card offers, customers can now enjoy the applicable discount immediately and pay the net price. In the past the full payment and had to request a credit reversal from the respective banking partner, which had caused considerable inconveniences and  delays in refunds etc.
  • Enabling customers to select from a larger bungalow partner network and also book well in advance whist enjoying the promotional discounts

At present the online reservation facility is extended only to the local clientele and www.bungalows.lk will extend this facility to foreign tourist in due course.

Apart from extending to foreign nationals, www.bungalows.lk will strive to innovate and evolve in terms of its service offerings encompassing technology and commercial aspects of the portal as well as expand to other areas of bungalow based tourism within Sri Lanka in due course.

We at www.bungalows.lk  would always welcome our member's suggestions and opinions with regard to both our web portal as well as of our partners, in order to maintain high standard of offerings ongoing.

We trust that our portal will enable you to make your next bungalow holiday, an easy and convenient process of making a reservation.